Thank you for choosing Beginz, Professional Wax Carver for all your custom jewelry needs. We specialize in wax carving, casting (gold, silver, etc), mold making, and one of a kind small production runs.

Meet our artist:

Jeff Wood attended the Holland School of Jewelry, the Allan Revere School, as well as the New Approach School for Jewelers with Kate Wolf.

How it works:

Wax carving is a very intricate process which requires a great deal of care and patience. Many designers have turned to a more technical process of jewelry making which utilizes machinery to mathematically carve out the piece from a digital drawing. This method however, is limited in its capabilities and removes the human element from the process as well as the sentiment that comes with a custom carved piece. Wax carving is an old world tradition that has been around for centuries. The process is multi step and begins with a design interview. Click for more information.

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