How It Works:

Wax carving is a very intricate process which requires a great deal of care and patience. Many designers have turned to a more technical process of jewelry making which utilizes machinery to mathematically carve out the piece from a digital drawing. This method however, is limited in its capabilities and removes the human element from the process as well as the sentiment that comes with a custom carved piece. Wax carving is an old world tradition that has been around for centuries. The process is multi step and begins with a design interview.

Design Interview:

The purpose of the interview is to gather information about your specific wants. To do this, we’ll use your ideas, drawings, pictures from magazines or websites, etc.... You’ll want to consider the size of the finished piece, the type of metal, stone choices, textures and finishes. From this interview, I will create a wax model replica of the piece.

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Designed By: E Clements
KTC Studios, LLC