Finishing Touches:

When the metal piece is complete, it is then time to clean and polish the metal. This is done using a variety of techniques including acid bath, machine grinding, hand filing, and high speed cotton buff. Finally, any stones are set into the piece.

Mass Production:

If your job requires more than one copy of a piece to be made, a vulcanized rubber mold can be made from the first metal piece. Vulkanized rubber sheets or putty are pressed into a square mold frame. The jewelry piece is placed on top of the rubber and more rubber is layered on top. Once the frame is filled, it is covered on both sides with aluminum plates and placed into a machine press. The machine bakes the mold under high pressure for approximately one hour. The result is a rubber mold which can be used again and again to re-create your piece as often as necessary.

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Designed By: E Clements
KTC Studios, LLC